Vital like a baby and

strong like a warrior.

Reconnect helps you to embrace the chaos

We focus on connecting people with each other, their environment and with themselves through exercise, awareness exercises and physical contact.


Reconnect helps individuals build physical and mental resilience so that they can achieve their personal (health) goals.


In both group and private lessons we take a personal approach and create an environment where people feel safe because we believe that progress comes from openness.


Our sedentary lifestyle

We live in challenging times in a society with high expectations in which an excess of stress has become the norm. In addition, society is designed in such a way that our bodies remain stationary for too long, so that even in the form of movement we cannot relieve the excess of stress.


Escapism does not appear to be a sustainable solution for dealing with more stress.

In the meantime, burnout has become a true celebrity. A number of initiatives are emerging as a counter-movement to restore mental well-being. We use Taichi, Yoga and meditation centres as a sanctuary. But no initiative appears to be good enough when we use it to escape from stress.


We undervalue the power of attention

When you enter a sports club and see a lot of training devices facing TV screens, we can realize that our movement culture does not dwell on the concept of attention. It doesn't seem to make any difference to us whether or not we move with attention for our body and our environment.

We do not see ourselfves, our body and the world as a whole.

For decades we have approached physical activity by looking at the body as the sum of its parts. Thus arose the isolated trainings in which we focus on strengthening individual muscles and groups. Thanks to the progress of science and technology, we are coming back from this approach, but we are still a long way from a movement revolution. As long as we do not see ourselves as part of the whole and act accordingly, no initiative will be considered sustainable.

Re - connect

As a result of our technological progress in science, people are increasingly aware of how we can best work on our physical fitness. Strangely enough, this corresponds more and more to wisdoms that were documented thousands of years ago.


Even before humans had advanced scientific tools at their disposal, there appeared to be enough knowledge available to promote health through fitness.


The key to this lies in the way people looked at themselves and their surroundings. Ancient fitness systems always had one thing in common, namely that they were always based on the statement that man is a part and not separate from nature. Our programs respect these ancient wisdoms and are at the heart of all our lessons.


What we learned from our ancestors was that:

  • resilience arises from interaction (with the environment and/or the other).

  • our bodies form a whole.

  • man does not stand alone but, like every animal, is part of nature.

  • attention is a valuable tool.